Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Annual BBQ

Gotta make this quick. I have to go to work really soon here so I'll just copy and paste what Vanilla said.

Hey everypony! Hope you all are ready for the second annual Calgary Bronies BBQ! Everyone is invited but
 *****please RSVP at *****

You can come without sending me off an email, but no guarantees you'll be fed! DETAILS: Bowness Park, Sept 15th 11am-245pm, site 1.
If you are interested in helping out I'm going to aim to be there around 10am, let me know via email. Also if any of you will be driving and could assist with rides/transporting the goods that would be very helpful and appreciated. Hope to have a good turn out :D

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  1. if anyone needs a ride i can come get you i can only take 2 though so let me know early text or call me at 4039758866