Friday, January 24, 2014

Address Correction

Hello folks!

I heard through Darcy that there was a mistake in the address posted in the last blog spot about that party tomorrow and he can't make a post as he currently at his job, so I'm here to quickly provide a correction. As per his words, he wanted me to insert directly:

please text 403-671-4826
correct address 7109
Huntercrest Rd NW

That's all! Sorry for the confusion!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

poni should pony poni

hey every pony! few things going on.

so there is a few pony conventions coming, one is Bronycan.  which is in B.C. and the BronyExpo. its happening in west Edmonton mall.

 im gonna try to contact them in the near future and see how we can help.

Also one of our other members is having a party for Christmas / new years /Chinese new years.
here is the general info.

Address: 7019 Huntercrest Rd NW
Time: 11:00am - 12:00am
Date: January 25
Cost for dinner: 10 dollars
What are doing: play mah Jong / big2 / maybe poker
Singing korekee
More info please text at 403-671-4826
Daniel aka Ponnamus

 if you can let Daniel know you are attending, that be great. you can also post a response here if you wish to attend.

i talked it over with you guys over the meet up that i thought it would be a keen idea to invest our money in the future purchase of a 3D printer.  i see this as a great way to generate revenue within the group to put towards future events as well as giving you guys a chance to have your own creations come to life at a fraction of the cost.
this is a large investment so please donate to make this a possibility.