Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Think Tank

OK everypony....

now in Oder for me to organise my thoughts on things we can do, sometimes i have to write it down. however at the same time i want ideas for events and such from the general masses. ( that means you)

SO! this is where WE come and knock our noggins together! we are to collaborate and come up with ideas for everything we want to do and how to go at it! down on the bottom in the comments. post your idea's or comments towards ideas( either your own or of others) and IL update this page accordingly.

1. i was thinking we should get a room/table at Otafest next year ( it happens during Victoria long weekend) so we can sell pony related things to the masses at a table and a room to promote the meet up as well as get people interested in MLP:FiM.

2. i want a fundraiser of some sort! some kind of charity we can raise funds to give to a good cause! and if we raise enough money. il give you all a special treat. like... me wearing a kawaii maid costume for the entire day and treating people. or something of the sort...

3. the talent show! Ive been trying to get that underway.

4. potluck! everyone likes a good potluck!

5. write a web comic. do you think we have the skills to do it? takes some wit to make a good one. and drawing skill.. i know a few of our drawfriends are decent withthe pencil.


  1. Well possibly we could use our resident draw friends to boost popularity of the Otafest table, and just as an Idea...

    We could create a youtube channel dedicated to Dramatic readings of god awful pony fan fiction.
    That could score us some extra publicity for the brony meet up and boost our chances at otafest. Also I think who ever reads the dramatic readings should wear the maid outfit.

    A facebook group may gain interest from locals, a twitter, google+, ect...

    perhaps we chronicle our meet ups and such with a webcomic, starring us as ponies in Equestria or something...

    Best thing we could do is set up a pay pal account for the group and hope that all other ideas generate enough interest that people would want to donate.

    I dunno... just brainstorming.

  2. Well I'm willing to do any writing, so if we end up doing a webcomic or such, I'm available for that.

    Also, the dramatic readings thing sounds absolutely brilliant! I think we should take it and run with it.

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  4. I really like the idea of raising money to go to charity. This is just a quick post before I run off to class (might elaborate later), but here are a couple of charities came into my mind. These might not be everyponys first choice, but here is my brain storm.

    We could donate to a therapeutic riding center. They provide therapy to children and adults with either physical or mental handicaps. I haven't volunteered with one here, but I used to in Nova Scotia and I definitely think they can make a huge difference in peoples quality of life. Here are links to two reputable ones. One of my friends did some work with Opening Gates.


    Another idea might be to donate to a horse rescue or rehabilitation center.


  5. I haven't anything else to really add. But I did want to chip in and say I'd be all for dramatic readings. I'm more then willing to throw my voice around in a non-loud way like I normally do!

  6. On the group page somepony mentioned a potluck, that's a good idea. But maybe to elaborate on that near Christmas (or really any other date) we could have a "Grand Galloping Galla" themed dinner/potluck with fancy shamsy cosplay!

  7. Im absolutally up for the table at Otafest. I hope I can finish my cards by then, but theres also commissions and (hopefully soon) our 'association' stickers ;D. As well as all the other arts myself and our other drawfriends can pump out.

    As for the christmassy things, I'd really like to do a secret santa-type-thing. I'd be even happy to organize/host it. But thats a december thing for sure.

  8. One event idea I know I've discussed before but for some reason never added here would be a big ol' game of laser tag with all of us as a group! Ponies shooting lasers at each other!

  9. YES! LASER TAG! (that is a good idea)

  10. A podcast? Are there quality MLP-podcasts out there already? And as for web-comics, meme-based ones would be crazy easy to come up with. Maybe too easy, but just an idea. Is anyone here active on Reddit or 4chan as well? Are there BronyCon or Ever Free plans brewing? Sorry, haven't even joined the group really, just needing to express some of this unbridled (SORRY) enthusiasm to somebody. Been hard to think straight since I started watching.

    1. conjure is doing something for everfree. i dont remember the details fully. i tryed asking him to give me them so i can put them on the blag but he never got back to me. 2-3 of us have tumblr's. phoenixswift and kappathekirin are the ones i can remember offhand.

  11. dramatic readings... well, that sounds like an interesting idea. my pals and I usually get together on Skype nearly every night and read God awful fanfics of anything in general. An idea I had for something to do is... well this may be hard to do, but one day maybe do a tournament of fighting is magic? or maybe whatever the other project Mane6 is working on.