Thursday, September 29, 2011

phoenix's contest

dear princess Celestia.

about 2 weeks back a member of the Calgary Bronies who went by the name "Phoenix Swift" decided to have a caption contest to images to a previous meet up to the BBQ. the winner is to get a T shirt. so i feel like announcing the winner and posting the images up for every pony to see so that everyone has a chance to giggle at the captions for themselves.

1st place made by Darcyblue.

2nd place to Chance.

the rest here can be found, as well as the main ones on our flikr.

now since Darcyblue won the contest and is the owner of the group. he felt it was necessary to go and "add" to the contest by giving a second prize out to the runner up. however he is a big butt and hasn't mentioned what it was yet. he did it mostly so people will be more interested in joining/doing contests themselves and give out more free stuff.

PS. the images will come later. i have to go to work so i dont have time to put them up just now.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Think Tank

OK everypony....

now in Oder for me to organise my thoughts on things we can do, sometimes i have to write it down. however at the same time i want ideas for events and such from the general masses. ( that means you)

SO! this is where WE come and knock our noggins together! we are to collaborate and come up with ideas for everything we want to do and how to go at it! down on the bottom in the comments. post your idea's or comments towards ideas( either your own or of others) and IL update this page accordingly.

1. i was thinking we should get a room/table at Otafest next year ( it happens during Victoria long weekend) so we can sell pony related things to the masses at a table and a room to promote the meet up as well as get people interested in MLP:FiM.

2. i want a fundraiser of some sort! some kind of charity we can raise funds to give to a good cause! and if we raise enough money. il give you all a special treat. like... me wearing a kawaii maid costume for the entire day and treating people. or something of the sort...

3. the talent show! Ive been trying to get that underway.

4. potluck! everyone likes a good potluck!

5. write a web comic. do you think we have the skills to do it? takes some wit to make a good one. and drawing skill.. i know a few of our drawfriends are decent withthe pencil.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

what made you a bronie?

ok so i gotta ask. im really wanting to know... what is it that made you enjoy and love My Little Pony: Friendship is magic?

my story is one of friendship and tolerence.

one of my old friends, a Ms. Prof. Foxchase, told me one day in a drunken stupor " OMG DARCY :DDDDD YOU HAVE TO WATCH MY LITTLE PONY"
since she was drunk i figured this was her trying to troll me. so i basically told her i wasn't interested. but she knew with enough peer pressure, id fold like a house of cards. she continued to tell me it really is an awesome show and its worththe watch.

after a few times of being egged on, i finally said egnough and youtubed it. well.. i watched 6 epsodes before i went to bed that night. continued down that path for a while until i saw trhe last epsiode. now i have 2 MLP sims in Secondlife and the meetup group and this blog and everything!

ok you fillies and colts. tell me your story.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

not a happy brony. also better info about phoenix contest

OK so phoenix mentioned a contest to win a t-shirt.
now i want to give you a more direct info on it.

1. look for pictures from the BBQ
2. make an appropriate funny caption.

you can find the images of the BBQ here.

what you can win is a t-shirt of your choice ranging from $40 or less.
you should also ask phoenix swift for color, size and such other general important info about the shirt.
the cut-off day is the the 23rd and we will announce the winner the next day at the meet up.
you can send your caption pictures to with the subject line "Caption Contest". Good luck!

i went on a pony hunt with Dave tonight. found nothing to buy. however i did come across the sparkle magazine shown here.
HOWEVER! It was a newer issue and didn't have pony stickers. it had generic stickers and only 2 pages dedicated to pony's. so... it made me not a happy pony. :(
i also looked at laptops today for the group. found one i liked. wasnt bad for $600 or so. a nice chunk of that will be fromthe donation/fee money i collected for the past meetups. the rest from my own pocket. wanted to pony it up with the stickers from the mag but no luck finding that issue. maybe i should find a custom laptop skin for it. humm..

Saturday, September 10, 2011

4th meetup

ok so we had 15 people this running! including a large handful of them being new members! id like to raise a brohoof to the new members and welcome them to the herd. i had a blast and it looks like everyone else did also. and now for some news.

-i hope you rarity`s out there have been busy making pony outfits sense on Saturday the 29th we will be having a Halloween pony dress up party! dress up as your fave pony the best that you can and win prizes!( i haven't figured out what it will be yet or else im might just say just pick something and il go find it and get it for you ASAP)

would like to have a caption contest. get a picture. write a funny caption, win a shirt. its that easy!

-for a while now i have been working on a `find your cutie mark`talent show. we all have talents. even if we don't think we do. we have no defined date for this yet but hopefully soon.

-we want some time to drink our brains out at the unicorn! well when? i dont mind the idea. il start talking with the patrons of the bar and see if they have any small events going on to entertain us like a in house band or something.

if you want to get into contact with me. just ask! im more then welcome to give out my skype or my phone number to members of the group.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

the BBQ info.

hosted by the lovely Vanillabelle, i figure it be a good idea to make shure everyone saw the info of whats going on with the BBQ.

Woohoo! BBQ in one week! I'll bump this info in case anyone has missed anything. Its Sept 9, Bowness Park, Picnic site #, and the site is booked 3:15-9:15. No need to RSVP but if you know for sure your coming feel free to email me at Let me know if you have allergies or diet preferences. Finally phoenixswift made us this wonderful google doc , so if your brining anything let us know by filling it out here :D So excited!