Thursday, September 29, 2011

phoenix's contest

dear princess Celestia.

about 2 weeks back a member of the Calgary Bronies who went by the name "Phoenix Swift" decided to have a caption contest to images to a previous meet up to the BBQ. the winner is to get a T shirt. so i feel like announcing the winner and posting the images up for every pony to see so that everyone has a chance to giggle at the captions for themselves.

1st place made by Darcyblue.

2nd place to Chance.

the rest here can be found, as well as the main ones on our flikr.

now since Darcyblue won the contest and is the owner of the group. he felt it was necessary to go and "add" to the contest by giving a second prize out to the runner up. however he is a big butt and hasn't mentioned what it was yet. he did it mostly so people will be more interested in joining/doing contests themselves and give out more free stuff.

PS. the images will come later. i have to go to work so i dont have time to put them up just now.

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