Sunday, April 27, 2014

BPC announcement. darcy lays down the beat's ( not the wub kind)

well this match was fun as heck! it went 2-1. me Vs dane.  first match, he won by substuteing and stockpileing a drifblim. then batton passing it off to a bronsong. i couldnt get through that mess even if i tried! so much fun!

so i go up the tier! and Dane is KO'd from the tourni. ( good thing he gets a shiny pokemon of his choice!)

check the  listing as to where you are here in the tourni!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

BPC update! woo!

so me and roll just had our matches, i beat him 4-0. i  leveled up his team to give him a hopeful advantage.
so Darcy( myself) advances in the second tier, Roll is now out!. that makes our 3rd KO!
lets see how i do aginst  Dane, im afraid. i truely am!

BPC contest list!

remember people, if you have not done so already, send me your fave Pokemon and a nickname for it, I'm giving away free (competitive level) shinys for all who entered this contest!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

BPC update and calgary bronies important announcement about expenses.

hey guys. so Vanilla won 2-0 against Roll.
 Vanilla will have to fight Mike next.
 Roll's next opponent is yours truly.

go vanilla go! my money is on you!

PS. lets try to get our matches done faster.  the pokemon league that's happening at otafest is just less then a month away and we all need to train to become the very best if we are to compete.
Calgary Bronies Announcement

so the manager came to me this meetup and told me that in the future there MIGHT be a "pay per use" of the back room.
 this is good and bad.  the good thing is that it GUARANTEES us the room if we paid for it that night so we wont be booted out if there are conflicting events.
 the bad thing is i may need to crack down on donations or even set up a "entrance fee" of some sort. personally id rather make this as free as possible.
 i like the idea that i can be as open and friendly to everyone, and paying fee's makes it more exclusive.
 i find sometimes that the monthly fee ($25 or so) of keeping the online store up to be expensive. especially when no one is actually buying things from said store. (please buy our stuff from the store!)

so you might ask " where does my donations go into right now?"
well right now all donations go to the online store, events, (like the annual BBQ), emergency's(like last week, where i offered to take people to the movies instead, using the meetup's donations box to cover entrance,"" thanks Don for helping with the bill""), and contests ( like the BPC. believe me i have this huge bag of swag for the winners).

so an entrance fee will solve my monthly expenses of keeping the meet up operating much more smoothly if this comes to pass.

this is all still up in the air and speculation still. and i have not been told anything else about this possible "pay per use thing" for the back room because nothing has been placed in stone just yet. dont dont let it scare you too much.

thanks for reading.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dragran: the cleanup crew. (BPC news and calgary bronies news)

so it seems dragran is really cleaning house as of late. he will be a tough nut to crack. he won 2-0 VS. Feenie. whoever is going against him better bring there "A" game.

here is the link to the updated list.
the BPC comp list thingy.

also i added a few things to the great bag of swag.  its starting to get heavy.
Calgary Bronies News (welcome, you are reading CBN, and i will be your news anchor: Darcyblue.)
i feel like i should bring the annual poster info back up so people can see it again. just in case you missed it last time.

one of our members is selling off complete collections off on kijiji. just in case you are keen on getting more pony swag for your house, you should check them out here.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Next set of fights!

ok so first up, feenie Vs Drew. seems Phoenix won 3-0. must have been a rough battle . either way, drew gets tossed to the second tier in hopes to wins till while feenie  goes to the second round!

as for myself. i just had my match,  we had one of our "out of 3 matches" and i won the first one. way to go mike! nice set up! kinda startled me at first with your strategy!

(UPDATE) well i got my arse handed to me in the second and 3rd match. oh well. guess thats what i get for not  practiceing before the tourni. Mike goes up!

check out the listings to see who you are up aginst next!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

BPC news update!

so we had our first match! it was Dane V.S. Dragran! turns out that Dane was completely swallowed whole by Dragrans assault's! he will be moving to the next round!

Dane will be moving to the second tier. to hopefully regain some footing along with everyone else who will be knocked out early! who knows, he may make it to the end and win first place still!

remember guys to get your matches in A.S.A.P. the sooner we can get them going, the better for everyone!


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sentry Box dun goofed up.

Hi guys,

We were uninformed that the Sentry Box was planning a Magic The Gathering tournament on the weekend we were supposed to be there.
As such, we have been kicked from our space today, and instead we will be meeting at Chinook mall; Scotiabank Movie Theatre, to watch Lego Movie.

Those that want to come, the movie starts at 7:35pm. We will try our best to accommodate those that show up.

Sorry again about our arrangements. We hope that it did not inconvenience anyone too badly.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

welcome to the BPC (Brony Pokemon Contest)

hey everyone!

 its  April 1st so the pokemon contest is about to begin!
before we start, id like to ask everyone email me ( your team for registration. you will not be able to change out your pokemon's team or items for this contest.
Please Check this link to see who you are competing with.
this will be a best 2 out of 3 matches, please email your opponent for a time that you can start your matches.
once your matches are over, both people must email me ( there wins/losses.
also, save your battle videos. if i find conflicting match records, i will wish to see them to confer how the match went.
other then that. all the names and the info you need are below.
have fun everyone!

3DS Name: Mike
Pokemon Name: Mike
FC: 4682 8478 3727
3DS Name: Trevor
Pokemon Name: Trevor
Friend Code: 4468-1576-6089
3DS Name: Feenie
Name of Pokémon Character: Brad
Friend Code: 3136 – 6663 – 9771
3DS name: Dane
Character name: Dane
FC: 3394 3554 4009
3DS Name: Dragran
Pokemon Name: Garrand
Friend Code Number: 2122-6692-1049
3DS name:Vanillabelle,
trainer name: Aloe,
friendcode: 4399-0339-0679
3DS Name:Roll Origami
Pokemon name: buffy
Friend code: 1048 9350 4032
name on 3DS :Darcy
pokemon name:Darcy