Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dragran: the cleanup crew. (BPC news and calgary bronies news)

so it seems dragran is really cleaning house as of late. he will be a tough nut to crack. he won 2-0 VS. Feenie. whoever is going against him better bring there "A" game.

here is the link to the updated list.
the BPC comp list thingy.

also i added a few things to the great bag of swag.  its starting to get heavy.
Calgary Bronies News (welcome, you are reading CBN, and i will be your news anchor: Darcyblue.)
i feel like i should bring the annual poster info back up so people can see it again. just in case you missed it last time.

one of our members is selling off complete collections off on kijiji. just in case you are keen on getting more pony swag for your house, you should check them out here.

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