Thursday, January 12, 2012

Calgary-based Pony Convention?

As I'm sure some of you have probably seen, there seems to have been a small group looking to get the word out for a convention here in Calgary for pony stuff. Think BroNYcon, but like a 1/32nd that size. Darcy seems to be supportive of their idea and I can probably assume most of us will be too.

In any case, they're looking for support and awareness to get off the ground so tell your friends! Tell your not-friends! Tell everypony!

Find them at these sites:

Spread the word!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fanfic: Philosophy

Our recent American brony guest, who goes by the name of Sev62_FMJ, visited us before New Year for a crazy super-large pony hunt. He asked me if he could have a post for the fanfic he's writing to get it a little notice so this here is the post in question! He's probably looking for feedback and comments too so you can use the comments section here if you're the type to give feedback.

Find the fic here:
MLP/Halo Crossover