Saturday, May 3, 2014

ted wins! undefeated! BPC

so ted (Dragran) won the tourniment. but i sure gave him a run for his money. first match i knocked out 3 of his pokemon and it went down to the wire.
second match could have went diffrently.  with his safeguard, he was able to lock out one of my most annoying (and useful) attacks! i nearly changed the tide at one point, but i missed my hit, so i was unable to kill his garchomp as it layed waste to  my team with continual earthquakes.

well ted, everything you want in the big bag of swag is yours. i will bring it next meetup. anything you dont want, you can give off ( or you can give it back to me for the next contest or whatever. dont care)

its a really big bag of swag. might want a backpack.

i should be banned from electronics today...


remember how i said earlier we where  getting a table at otafest? turns out there was a glitch in there computer.  we are however next in line if that's any consolation... no? not really... it sucks.

know what else sucks? i was setting up  the meet up like normal, everyone went to the store, plug in the  projector and turn it on... it makes a pop noise, the bulb goes dead and smoke started to pour out of the vents...


well guys.. we do not have a projector anymore i don't think. seems its dead now. so i have to ask for donations from you guys to get a new one. we have some cash in the box. but not enough to get a new projector. so PLEASE PLEASE DONATE!

next meet up is canceled, its Victoria weekend . which means 2 things.
1. the box is closed.
2. we are going to be at Otafest.

so if you want to visit or anything, come see us at Otafest! we will be about!. ( just not at a table)


ok so...
i just got an email not even 15 minutes ago saying that we have gotten an art table at Otafest this year. so go us!

we also have been invited to go get an art table at geetmoot again this year also. so we will be busy. it is happening on July 26 at the Hilhurst Sunnyside community Association.

you should check us out! buy some swag! etc etc etc...


so mike won against vanilla.  way to go mike! so Vanilla is knocked out of the competition. now go duke it out against Dragran. good luck!
please have your matches A.S.A.P. ! id really appreatiate us finishing before the 16th.
at least Vanilla gets the Door Prize for a  shiny pokemon of her choice!

 Calgary bronies. 

id like to summarise what is going down at the sentry box. i was just informed of the goings on last night in an email.  to make things easy, I'm going to just copy and paste what was written in the email.
I've also taken liberty to highlight the events that may cause conflicting with our own meet up. weather or not we get our room on these nights are questionable at best. so i will try to get there early on those days to see if the room is available that night for us.

"As organisers for the various regular gaming groups that meet at the store I'd like to keep you all informed about any one off or irregular events that we have coming up that may possibly impact your groups. In the next couple of months we have the following events that are not part of the regular weekly or monthly schedule:

Sat May 3rd: Pokemon XY2: Flashfire Pre-release & Magic Journey into Nyx Release events
Sun May 4th: Star Wars X-Wing Escalation tournament
Sat May 10th: Android: Netrunner tournament, D&D Encounters Dead in Thay Launch weekend, Pokemon League Challenge (space is going to be tight)
Sat May 31st: Pokemon League Challenge
Sun June 1st: Star Wars X-Wing Assault at Imdaar Alpha Event (this will be busy and will likely take all of the upper mezzanine - may be a good day to avoid)
Sat June 7th & Sun JUne 8th: Blood Bowl Tournament
Sat June 14th: Charity RPG Event
Sat June 21st: Star Wars X-Wing Regional Event (this will take up all of the mezzanine)

I try to keep disruptions to a minimum but there are cases where the regular schedule of events has to be moved or cancelled so I want to send out semi-regular emails like this one to make sure everyone is up to date.



id also like to inform everyone ( like every year) we will not be having a meet up on Saturday May 17. we will be at Otafest!
you should show up. we will be there all 3 days!