Sunday, August 23, 2015

a sad note.

ok guys.

I know everyone was either doing their own thing, or was up at the con. But last night, aside from Dane, not a single person showed up to the meetup. This saddens me. (I was also quite bored)

I would also like to mention a note given to me by Sentry box staff. This is important to everyone so,

"Back when you came to me asking about hosting your events at the store I did mention that if we needed the space for any gaming events I would unfortunately have to claim back the space for that. I've now had a roleplaying group ask to book the back room every Saturday night and so, as of September, we will no longer have the back room available for your group. I wish I had more space available for events in general, but in this case I have to prioritise groups that are gaming ahead of non-gaming events."

I guess the big question I have to ask is this, "Should I call it quits." with lack of funding to do the things I want to do, lack of new members showing up, and no meetup area any longer, what do we do? Do I hunt for a new place to meetup? Do I pack it in and just close the meetup group?

I WANT TO KNOW  YOUR OPINIONS.  please comment below to let me know.

Edit: The BBQ on the 5th is still on, never fear.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

It's BBQ season yo

So we decided because we don't have too too many people in the group anymore, we wouldn't go through the hassle of booking a spot at the park this year. Instead we're going to have a nice little fire pit in I and Darcy's backyard and have an actual stove to cook things on.

So we decided on the 5th of September (which is already a meetup-night) at 6 till 9 (or whenever we make people leave.)
We're going to cautiously allow alcohol with the good faith that people won't over-indulge or drive home after drinking. (If you are going to drink and even consider driving, I'll be happy to keep your car keys and call you a cab.) There is a liquor store by the safeway in that strip mall, so please buy your own pick of drinks. There will also be minors around, so don't go offering your stuff to strangers.

Alright so to reiterate:
BBQ Party
Sept 5th 2015
Backyard 7407 20A ST SE (T2C 0S3)
Alcohol is allowed but please be responsible

Donations at the next meetup (22nd of August) would be greatly appreciated as we'll be providing the meat for the meat gods and marshmallows, soda, whatever other tasty items you want for your faces.

if you have allergies or a special diet requirement.(gluten allergy, vegan etc...) please bring your own meal. you can alternatively buy such items at the local Safeway that is nearby. i will be glad to prep whatever you bring me.

 DARCYS ADDENDUM: if you guys have extra lawn chairs and cooking skewers, please bring them along. we have only 1  skewer to knowledge and a few extra lawn chairs kicking about. i will also be inviting folk from the Otafest Pokemon League to join us.