Friday, February 28, 2014

pokemon X&Y contest

so as i mentioned at the last meet up ( sorry for my lateness on posting this BTW, busy as heck lately and this is a really lengthy post.) i want to host a Pokemon X&Y tournament.
here is the info.

to compete, please let me know via email the following.
your friend code number.
your name on your Nintendo 3DS.
name of your character on your copy of  Pokemon X or Y that you will be using to compete with.
an email to have myself and your competitor to email you for availability.

what you can win:
there will be a first, second and 3rd prize available  and like always, you guys can divvy up the pony bag of swag between you 3 winners any way you wish. ( please don't be greedy with it. sharing is caring after all)
 the first winner gets to choose what of the top 3 prizes he wants, then the second  prize is chosen after by runner up. the 3rd prize is given to the last person.
1. a poke plush of your choice ( as soon as i can find it at wall mart, toys r' us, etc,  target, etc )
2. $25 gift visa ( its a visa, use it wherever and whatever man. i dont care.)
3. a Bioshock collectable "doll". ( like the ones that the little sisters carry around everywhere. its pretty cool!)
4. the pony bag of swag ( loads of MLP things ive been buying every now and then or that where donated to the meet up specifically for contest and giveaways)

how i will set it up.
once i get every ones information, i will set up a list on who is fighting who, and they should add there friend code and name to there game boy. both players will need to tell me who is the victor of the match before proceeding farther down the tree. please make arrangements with your competitor as to when you can be both available to compete. if neither can within that time frame, they will both be disqualfied.

this will be a your standard double battle, with flat rules for your battle rules. here is a picture of what your battle  page thing should look like...

click me to enlarge.

The contest begins on  march 30th. and ends once a victor has been decided.
people who refuse to continue forward, will be disaualfied to keep pace with  the rest of the players.
if you have an issue with when you can play. please make arrangements with your competitor and myself to ask for a extension and your reasoning for such. you will be given a max of 1 week ( with an 1 week extension upon request and reasoning) for your match to be completed.  if neither person can make arrangements

The Rules.
along with the rules  from how to set up your room, i am enforcing other rules as well to make things fair.

best 2 out of 3 matches wins.

Legendary Clause
no legendary's of any sort are allowed in this contest. ( i was not aware that the flat battle system allowed some legendarys to be still used)

Open Bank Clause (kalos native)
you can use any pokemon you can get normally from any pokemon game to use on your team. however, they must be born in the Kalos region. or example. you can have a Emboar on your team. even though its not native to the kalos region and must by traded via, pokemon bank.but you must breed to to be born in the kalos region or else he will be unable to be used.

Illegally Manipulated Pokemon
 are banned. teams being used will be checked before tournament start to check for authenticity ,all Pokemon within the tournament being used must be checked beforehand by myself and at any time it comes into question about there authenticity. its best to use Pokemon you have raised yourself to make sure that they are legal. anyone using an illegally manipulated Pokemon will be disqualified.

OHKO Clause
Players cannot use moves that have a chance of instantly KO opposing Pokemon. For example, Horn Drill is an illegal move to have on a Pokemon's move set.
Pre-Battlebox registration
all Pokemon within the tournament being used must be checked beforehand by myself to make sure that the above rules are kept enforced.

Friday, February 7, 2014

im in the news again.


Monday, February 3, 2014

yet another correction to correct

ok so...

we got mention of the calgary brony expo guys have bumped back the day they are holding the expo. this is what they said to us.

"I justed wanted to inform the Calgary Bronies Meet up group that the Edmonton Brony Expo advertised on the Blog has changed from April 19 and 20 (Easter Weekend) to July 5 and 6 (the Weekend after Independence Day)(during Stampede). "

for more info and such, check them out at,