Saturday, August 31, 2013

my new email, BBQ update. Etc...

so for a while now i have been unable to receive or send people email though my fetedinnercore email. seems like its broke.

so i wanted to let people know i changed my email to

that's about it.

also id like people also to know that if they have any form of special diet ( vegan, need gluten free foods, etc) that they should bring there own since last year i attempted to buy vegan hot dogs for the 2 folk i know who prefer that kind of thing and they where never touched. they supposedly where a poor choice of brand and tasted poor. ( i really don't know nothing about such things.)


Saturday, August 24, 2013

woo BBQ!

Hey all so good news!
 For those of you who've been with the group for a while know that every year we've had a group BBQ and everything is all lined up now for this year as well. First off my apologies, I do like to give more notice but it took a little longer to book things with many sites being closed due to flooding, but anyway...

This year the BBQ will be at Edworthy Park at picnic site 6, from 11-3pm on Sunday September 15th.

I'm going to be posting some more details about this later  and put it on the blog. Also I would like some helpers to set things up so if you're interested in coming early let me know. Lastly it would be great if you would like to support this event, and future group events by donating to the group funds. Donations can be made to Darcy at the meetup this weekend and go to covering event costs and funding future ones :)

we need a headcount so we know just how many people are going this year. so please, if you could let us know beforehand if your coming so we can make arrangements to have the right amount of food for everyone.