Saturday, February 25, 2012

If I don't do this I'll be *gasp!* tardy!

Hey everypony, so I have a few announcements.

It's been a long while since we last had a contest. So let's have one!

I currently need to have a business card made for the Calgary Bronies, so that I can freely hand them out at Otafest (and other places) to spread the word about the meet up. I am asking all of you to make me designs for said purpose.
This contest will run for two weeks. Starting from Saturday, February 25th to Saturday, March 10th.
Anyone can enter into this contest and judges will be chosen from non-contestants.
Designs can be emailed to me directly ( or posted on the blag. If they are posted on RDN I may miss seeing them.
What can we win? Well since everyone has different things in their pony collections, I figured if you just told me what you wanted I'll try to get it for you. My original plan was to buy the MLP train set but if you have it already or don't want it then you will most likely not want to enter. Please try to keep your requests reasonable.
As well, I guess I'll also throw a pile of other random things I have floating in my giveaway box for your collections also.
Oh I forgot to mention that you can hand in as many submissions as you please.

It needs to have the following:
- Link to this blag. (
- Link to RDN (
- Be easy to read
- Should fit within standard business card dimensions (2'/5')
Bonus points go to people who add these to there designs:
- Adding a unique design showing the essence of both MLP and Calgary together (without breaking copyright laws preferred).

We are also now three months away from Otafest. This means we are now in the crunch time for getting in our artwork and various other selling items. If you have anything you with to contribute to it. Please do so A.S.A.P.
If your artwork is digital please send me a copy over Skype or through email.

I also had another thought. I currently have a button press in my possession, however if it is only used for Otafest it will not be able to reach its fullest usefulness. Therefore I will be selling buttons to everyone year round after Otafest. You can either purchase one already made or come to me with your own design.

Monday, February 6, 2012

We has stuff!

Hey everypony!

So wanted to let you know we have been going though leaps and bounds in getting things ready for Otafest:
We have purchased the button press plus 400 buttons to go with.
We have a lock box for money.
We have an awesome banner to put up.

We still do not have anything to sell however.
We also require to get a circle cutter for the button press.
We also need money for the circle cutter as well as a float for the lockbox so we can make sure we can give change back to prospective purchasers.
And last but not least, we need a table down in Artist's Alley.

Any and all assistance on this is more then appreciated.

To Art Friends
We need your help! The time is almost up and we need things to sell! Otafest starts on the May long weekend (May 18-20) and that is a very short time away!
So to assist, we created a short list of things we could sell to people:

1. Custom blind bags/brushables
2. Prints
3. Button designs.
4. Stickers.
6. Short stories.
7. Magnets.
8. Jewellery
9. Felt ears
10. Playing cards
11. Hats, capes, shirts, pillows, stuffies and other sewing stuff.

If you have other ideas or things you can maybe add to the list, please do let me know and I will update it.

Depending on how much we get in the return from Otafest, I have thought up that I could hopefully take everyone out to Calaway Park with free admission, a trip to Vulcan, or go to some lazer tag place like lazer quest or lazer treck.