Monday, February 6, 2012

We has stuff!

Hey everypony!

So wanted to let you know we have been going though leaps and bounds in getting things ready for Otafest:
We have purchased the button press plus 400 buttons to go with.
We have a lock box for money.
We have an awesome banner to put up.

We still do not have anything to sell however.
We also require to get a circle cutter for the button press.
We also need money for the circle cutter as well as a float for the lockbox so we can make sure we can give change back to prospective purchasers.
And last but not least, we need a table down in Artist's Alley.

Any and all assistance on this is more then appreciated.

To Art Friends
We need your help! The time is almost up and we need things to sell! Otafest starts on the May long weekend (May 18-20) and that is a very short time away!
So to assist, we created a short list of things we could sell to people:

1. Custom blind bags/brushables
2. Prints
3. Button designs.
4. Stickers.
6. Short stories.
7. Magnets.
8. Jewellery
9. Felt ears
10. Playing cards
11. Hats, capes, shirts, pillows, stuffies and other sewing stuff.

If you have other ideas or things you can maybe add to the list, please do let me know and I will update it.

Depending on how much we get in the return from Otafest, I have thought up that I could hopefully take everyone out to Calaway Park with free admission, a trip to Vulcan, or go to some lazer tag place like lazer quest or lazer treck.



  1. Damn, I wanted to help out at Otafest but then I saw the date and thats when I'm going to New York with my school.

  2. Hey, Hope here. Just to let you know I have sent an email to Ota about what kind of a taible we can get, still waitting to hear back from them.

  3. would any one be able to make Velcro patches?

    if yes i have a design that i think any NLR member would like

    1. id like to say a big maybe on that. i have never thought up of makeing any before. but i guess we can try anything once at least.

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  5. I could help with some art but I can't draw ponies for the life of me right now.. but I do digital coloring and PonyJames does vectoring. If somepony would draw or give us an idea for us or something for our area we will gladly do them for you ponys! :D