Thursday, September 10, 2015

Noir's movie mayhem .

well. ok.

let not cause any mayhem at Noir's place. but he is inviting the first 10 people who RSVP to his place on October 17 to watch "Friendship Games". a direct to video MLP show!
Noir said he will have a "large bag of popcorn" but he said he is OK with folk bringing snacks.
if you wish to go (or need to cancel) please contact me or Ika ASAP so we can update the list and to make sure you reserve your spot! its on a first come first serve.
his home address is 4815 benson Rd N.W.

1. Ika (Tenatively, don't know if I'll have a job by then.)
2. Black
3. Rio
4. Dane
anyone whose name is past this line is considered on the "wait list". you are there just in case we fill up all the slots and someone cancels. so you can still get in on this.


P.S. if you where not at at the BBQ last, please read the last blog post. since its super important.
 P.S.S. Noir has changed the date to the 17th due to work.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

not dead yet

hey guys.

so after chatting with a bunch of you at the BBQ, i have came to the conclusion that we will no longer be having our regular meetups. however we will still run events.
id also like to mention that folk wanted to have a way for us to continue to keep communication. and i completely agree.

so i opened  op a skype chat and also "made" a facebook group.  if you want to be added to either one of them (or both)  fire off the necessary info over to me so i can add you to them. i added who i could in my exhausted state. so im sure i missed some folk that i already have.

now i want you guys to help me with events by bringing them to my attention.

Noir, mentioned that there is  a  "direct to video" showing of  "friendship games" that if i remember correctly, he is hosting at his place in october 13th.
(Noir, if you are reading this. please tell me i got this correct, also i need your address so people can show up to this.)

one more note,
id like to thank everyone who came to the BBQ and loitered in my living room. i hope folk where not too uncomfortable. it felt like a bit of a tight squeeze. i hope my cooking was enjoyable. well... as enjoyable as frozen premade meat pattys and bulk cheap hotdogs can go anyways.


PS. im sure there was more i wanted/needed to mention but i will add them as it comes to mind.