Saturday, April 20, 2013

Shop 'till You Drop, News and Whatnots

Gooood morning Ponyville!

So, I do have a bit of news to mention to everyone.

First I'd like to say that we have finally gotten off our butts and made an online store! You should check it out. Buy a few things, give us some feedback, or maybe even give Ika some commissions!

Here is the link:

The store link will also be on the sidebar over here, remember to bookmark it. -------->

I would also like to remind folks that we have to pay for the domain monthly. So if you can, please donate so we can keep the store alive! You can do so at the meet up or by paypal by clicking the donate button over here. ------->

In other news,

We all were hoping for an art table at OtaFest so we can sell our wares there. However, we were a tad late on sending in our vender form (we got it in and filled out in 5 minutes (ffs)) and we are placed on the "waiting list".
This means we do not technically have an art table just yet, although we're keeping our fingers crossed to get one. It's disappointing, but we're still trying.
And we also have the online store! So even if we don't get the table, we can still sell the stuff online.

There is also the Walk So Kids Can Talk event happening May 5th (sunday) at Eau Claire Market (north entrance)
Registration starts at 9:30 am and the walk begins at 11am, so if you're up for a brisk morning walk downtown, please make sure you:
1. Go on the website to register yourself.
2. We have registered the team as Luna's Angels so click join a team and search that name.
3. You will have to put a sponser amount since this is an event to raise money for Kids Help Phone. (Although the amount can be whatever you wish.)
4. We have set the group amount to $100 and we would really like to make at least that much for the event. It does end up going to a good cause. (As far as I can tell the amount that you put under your name goes into the group pot, so don't worry too much about it.) Let's just try to get out there and do what we can.

That's it for now guys, we hope to see bright shining faces early on May 5th. If you have any other ideas for events and stuff for us to do outside of the meetups, please let us know!