Sunday, November 30, 2014

ota aurora success! news and random stuff.

so Ota was fun! i guess there wasn't as many folk there given it was black Friday and the weather was bad (ether out shopping or hiding in there homes from the crowds of shoppers)

for you folk who are looking for buttons. we got new designs. a whole 32 new ones! a crap ton of the mega evolutions from Pokemon X/Y and ORAS. we will continue as the days go by to make more. 
so if you want a button of your favorite mega. let us know!
we did quite well for selling buttons giving the low turnout. so I'm pretty glad the new designs are selling well. you should grab some buttons for stocking stuffers for Christmas.

also i got the Eon Ticket for Pokemon ORAS from Otafest so if anyone needs it. just pop on by the meet up and grab it from me for yourself.

anyone excited for season 5 of MLP yet? I'm curious as to what will be in store for us. when does that start? i dont remember.

we will go back to our regular meet up night on December 13.  might be another game night given we still do not have a laptop. but thats ok right?

is also like you guys to know that December 13 will also be the last meet up this year. i would like everyone to go out and relax through the holidays with friends and family.

just in case i do not see you guys before then.
 Merry Christmas. and Happy new year!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Otafest Aurora

Hey guys,
Since Darcy will be at Otafest Aurora today, there will be no meet up.

The convention in question is at Sait and started at 10am. Darcy's helping to run a pokemon doubles tournament and will also have pokemon buttons for sale, including the new mega evolutions set.