Sunday, February 22, 2015

Darcy was going to make this post, but then his computer blew up and he got Ika to do it.

Yeah, not kidding this time.

Darcy's having a super bad streak with technology lately and his desktop isn't playing nice.

So remember how we said we didn't need any immediate donation for the group? Well the group doesn't, but if we could aim our donations towards Darcy.. that'd be pretty appreciated.

 More to come as we figure out what's wrong with it.


hi everyone! Darcy here.

OK so i did get my desktop running again. however it seemed 2 of my 4 RAM sticks as well as 1 of my hard drives have completely died.
i assume the problem may have been caused by a power outage.

this is unfortunate since i know it will take a long while to recover  all that was lost. (not to mention slightly pricey at this point in time for me.)

More to come as we still figure out if it needs more work.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

i was going to make a post. but then i got distracted. so i got ika to do it.

OK I'm kidding. but i am making an important post.

at this point in time we have nothing in mind we need to purchase with our donations. instead our donations will go to this.

to understand why im doing this,  many of you guys know i am also the steel type gym leader for the otafest pokemon league. and these guys make the badges for the league. so its kinda important  that we get this thing up and running ASAP.
so please consider helping them out. and donate a few dollars to them.

i feel bad that i was not able to really be at the meet up this time around. so i hope everyone had fun in my absence.  i will also get the laptop running next meet up and i will play some stuff for you guys next time.  finally.