Monday, October 28, 2013

Fillies Night, final entry.

Alright gals.
Sorry, it's taken me a while to get back to you all but I've managed to have a chat with a handful of you and decided a good place and time.

So here it is,
  • Sunday November 3ed,
  • 6:00pm till 9ish? or until we get worn out or find something better to do.
  • Boston Pizza by the Franklin C-train Station, 2836 Memorial Drive Southeast.
My phone number is 403-465-4884 if you need to call or text me.

I look forwards to seeing all our local fillies!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

game night. fillys night. posting at midnight.

 il make this sorta brief.
 our next meet up will be October 19. as i mentioned at the last meet up, it will be a game night.
whats game night?
its where i ( and anyone else who wishes) to bring board/card games to play. we will also be looking into bring a "retro" game system to bring to play over the projector screen.
i also encourage you folks to bring your Nintendo DS, 3DS, or other portable systems to play with the rest of us. ( Pokemon X/Y is coming out Oct 12, so i think a majority of us will own it.)
for the people who play Magic: The Gathering, you may wish to bring a deck or 2 or whatever.

please look at the last post for info about the filly's night out if you have not done so already. its a girls only event so sorry guys.