Sunday, October 6, 2013

game night. fillys night. posting at midnight.

 il make this sorta brief.
 our next meet up will be October 19. as i mentioned at the last meet up, it will be a game night.
whats game night?
its where i ( and anyone else who wishes) to bring board/card games to play. we will also be looking into bring a "retro" game system to bring to play over the projector screen.
i also encourage you folks to bring your Nintendo DS, 3DS, or other portable systems to play with the rest of us. ( Pokemon X/Y is coming out Oct 12, so i think a majority of us will own it.)
for the people who play Magic: The Gathering, you may wish to bring a deck or 2 or whatever.

please look at the last post for info about the filly's night out if you have not done so already. its a girls only event so sorry guys.


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