Sunday, June 17, 2012

Want to play a game?

Okay, so I have been asked by a few people that I should post up on the blag with various info of my Steam/ account name, etc. etc. etc... and I think everyone else should also do the same so we can all get together and play games. Darcyblue#1821
Steam: Darcyblue or Darthblueafro. I am unsure which anymore.
3DS: lol none.
Xbox: darcyblueafro

Monday, June 11, 2012

Date Chosen

Okay, so it seems we will have our zoo trip on the 23rd. This is when people wish to attend.
The times that the zoo are open are 9AM-5PM so I think being there at 10AM is best.
I need your names three days in advance so I can get a discount. But I will need more then 15 people on the list to do so. So please please PLEASE let me know if you want to attend the zoo trip.

P.S. We will meet up at the zoo train station entrance.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Zoo List

Confirmed for the zoo. Please send me confirmation to me directly in any form if you wish to go to the zoo. You can do so through email, text, RDN, posting on the blag, Facebook, etc...

1. Darcyblue (VIP)
2. Ikasama (VIP)
3. Moneybags (VIP)
4. Noir.
5. Vanillabelle
6. Puzzlemint
7. Ponyjames
8. Turtle
9. Derpyapples
10. Wandering Springs
11. Shysong
12. "rob" ranma's friend
13. Ranmaonehalf
14. Squirrel

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Behold all the zoo ponies

So! The herd has spoken! We are going to the zoo!

Now I just have to find out a good date to do it when the weather is appropriate...

So with our funding I should logically take 33 people. That is... if I mathed out the moneybox right.
But I think there is a discount for large groups. But I don't know this for sure. But how this will work is that there will be a first come first serve list.
The people who helped with the table get priority. So if it fills up, and one of the table folk want to join. The last person on the list is (regrettably) not going to be able to get in free. But I think we will be okay with our 33 people.
You also have to give me a definitive yes or no answer if you are joining on the zoo trip. No "maybe"s allowed!
I will most likely buy the tickets beforehand. After I get a definitive body count.

I would like to ask everyone who comes to please bring a personal bag to prepare yourself for being outside all day so you may want to bring the following:
- sunscreen
- water
- umbrella
- food
- water
- hat
- and did I forget to mention water?
And whatever other things I can't think of at this moment in time that might be a good idea to bring with you in the summer heat.