Monday, October 17, 2011

can i has calander?

yes you can has calender. this will have all the things that are deemed important to know for the meetup. including birthdays, events, meetup days and whatever else. ii don't know if it is open to call but if it is. please add your birthday and such in the right date.

the calender

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the great con(vention)

ok so...

was talking to a few of the members about the think tank and also my desire to get a booth up for conventions for pony stuff. personally i see it as a great thing it will give us more revenue towards the meet itself. more advertisement for the group and also a bit of pocket change to the artists in the group!

so ive been told that comiccon registration is onthe way. now if i know anything about cons. having a friend is always better. even just to keep you company as you sit on your arse and try to sell various wares to people. so if we get any table. it should be one with 2 chairs.

things id like to see from you guys
we are all talented in some form of artwork it seems.
some of us draw.
some of us paint.
some of us make shirts or can make stuffed animals and such.

so what we need to do is sell quality gear to people who feel the need to have it. or at least convince them that they must have it. so everypony should get making all sorts of artwork of all sorts! quality stuff! i want to see things we can throw on pins, stickers, paintings, bookmarks name tags, you name it. lets go all out.
whatever you do.. do it and do it with quality!
anyone with drawings or such please add them to a portfolio. what id like to do is make prints of things and throw them on things like button pins and stickers and such.
and if we can do it on site. that be awesome.

now for things like comicon or otafest I'm expecting a bit more then just pony's... for instance if it is comiccon i expect a few of you to make a few Justice league or dead pool pictures or something also. for otafest i expect you to release your inner otaku as well as your pony. just remember to not stray too far from the things you like to draw still. so if you like drawing furry art. well go for it still. or any art like that warped drawfriend chongo's stuff. go for it. seriousley!
mostley we are here to have fun!

so. i think we need a few things. money for the table and badges of corse.. artwork of any sort. and some way to print them onto paper or sticker sheets or whatever. and a moneybox. it also be great to get a button pin maker or 2 in various sizes since i know pins sell like hotcakes at otafest!