Sunday, August 23, 2015

a sad note.

ok guys.

I know everyone was either doing their own thing, or was up at the con. But last night, aside from Dane, not a single person showed up to the meetup. This saddens me. (I was also quite bored)

I would also like to mention a note given to me by Sentry box staff. This is important to everyone so,

"Back when you came to me asking about hosting your events at the store I did mention that if we needed the space for any gaming events I would unfortunately have to claim back the space for that. I've now had a roleplaying group ask to book the back room every Saturday night and so, as of September, we will no longer have the back room available for your group. I wish I had more space available for events in general, but in this case I have to prioritise groups that are gaming ahead of non-gaming events."

I guess the big question I have to ask is this, "Should I call it quits." with lack of funding to do the things I want to do, lack of new members showing up, and no meetup area any longer, what do we do? Do I hunt for a new place to meetup? Do I pack it in and just close the meetup group?

I WANT TO KNOW  YOUR OPINIONS.  please comment below to let me know.

Edit: The BBQ on the 5th is still on, never fear.


  1. Maybe it's time we should go our separate ways, because I can't think any other place to go. we can still talk to each over Skype, Tumblr ect... And go do stuff around town

    I know it's not the answer everyone wants to hear, however those are my thoughts

    I am sorry if I made anyone annoyed or angry

    1. Noir, as far as I know you've never made anyone annoyed or angry at the meetups. I myself, was always more concerned if you were having a good time at the meetups because you are so quiet. But you kept coming so I assumed you were happy with the group.

      But we can definitely set up a skype group if people are interested.

    2. That would probably be fun, could play video games with each other too

  2. Hey guys. I admit that I've never actually been to a meet up so I don't any of you. I've only been a brony for about a year and I have social anxieties. I'm also still in high school and I can't drive yet, but I have been following this blog for a few months now. It would be nice if you could keep the meet ups going (I'm hoping to go to one sometime), but if that's not possible, I think a facebook group would be nice.

  3. I love going to the meetups because it's gets me out the house and I get to see my favourite show with other very nice people.

    I am quiet because I like to listen to the many interesting conversations that go on. I am shy and don't often have much to add.

    My parents are offering their basement for a few showings. If the group is interested, I would be happy to meet at the C-train; it is only a 10-minute walk from the train.
    Let me know what you think.

  4. Hey guys been a while since i have been to the meet ups but Noir and I decided alongside Grant that we should start enjoying summer more then what we are currently. its sunny outside yet smokey no thanks to the fire however that does not mean we can't find places to go like the many parks we have around calgary. Princess Celestia has given us a nice sun nearly every morning. Lets enjoy it as a group outside. There is a nice baseball park right outside my house and there is even a wicked lakeside park near Strach's house. We should gather what members are interested and go have fun. Btw this is Rio and if anyone wishes to contact me for more info on these ideas please feel free to contact me at 403 969 8730. Thanks everypony.

  5. Hey guys. Have you looked at Myth Games for a new meeting place? I don't know if it's possible for a meeting place, but they have a lot of space there.