Saturday, April 19, 2014

BPC update and calgary bronies important announcement about expenses.

hey guys. so Vanilla won 2-0 against Roll.
 Vanilla will have to fight Mike next.
 Roll's next opponent is yours truly.

go vanilla go! my money is on you!

PS. lets try to get our matches done faster.  the pokemon league that's happening at otafest is just less then a month away and we all need to train to become the very best if we are to compete.
Calgary Bronies Announcement

so the manager came to me this meetup and told me that in the future there MIGHT be a "pay per use" of the back room.
 this is good and bad.  the good thing is that it GUARANTEES us the room if we paid for it that night so we wont be booted out if there are conflicting events.
 the bad thing is i may need to crack down on donations or even set up a "entrance fee" of some sort. personally id rather make this as free as possible.
 i like the idea that i can be as open and friendly to everyone, and paying fee's makes it more exclusive.
 i find sometimes that the monthly fee ($25 or so) of keeping the online store up to be expensive. especially when no one is actually buying things from said store. (please buy our stuff from the store!)

so you might ask " where does my donations go into right now?"
well right now all donations go to the online store, events, (like the annual BBQ), emergency's(like last week, where i offered to take people to the movies instead, using the meetup's donations box to cover entrance,"" thanks Don for helping with the bill""), and contests ( like the BPC. believe me i have this huge bag of swag for the winners).

so an entrance fee will solve my monthly expenses of keeping the meet up operating much more smoothly if this comes to pass.

this is all still up in the air and speculation still. and i have not been told anything else about this possible "pay per use thing" for the back room because nothing has been placed in stone just yet. dont dont let it scare you too much.

thanks for reading.


  1. So you're telling us that we need to train to become the very nest that no one ever was?

    1. and yes, I did post that and this at 3:30 AM

    2. just gotta catch them all man.