Tuesday, September 13, 2011

what made you a bronie?

ok so i gotta ask. im really wanting to know... what is it that made you enjoy and love My Little Pony: Friendship is magic?

my story is one of friendship and tolerence.

one of my old friends, a Ms. Prof. Foxchase, told me one day in a drunken stupor " OMG DARCY :DDDDD YOU HAVE TO WATCH MY LITTLE PONY"
since she was drunk i figured this was her trying to troll me. so i basically told her i wasn't interested. but she knew with enough peer pressure, id fold like a house of cards. she continued to tell me it really is an awesome show and its worththe watch.

after a few times of being egged on, i finally said egnough and youtubed it. well.. i watched 6 epsodes before i went to bed that night. continued down that path for a while until i saw trhe last epsiode. now i have 2 MLP sims in Secondlife and the meetup group and this blog and everything!

ok you fillies and colts. tell me your story.


  1. I kept seeing it on memebase.com got curious and watched the first two episodes. Due to my natural hate for things I did not like them at all and was pissed off after watching it. Thought to myself "There HAS to be a reason this is so freaking popular!" so I watched the third episode, then the fourth. Next thing I know I'm on episode 15. Thinking like everyone else does at first, "Why am I watching this show and why am I enjoying it so much?!" Then the next day I watched the rest of the season. And I don't regret a damn thing!

  2. I watched episode 1.

    Like, when pensivepine first uploaded it to youtube, a full week before episode 2 first aired.

    Having watched the fandom grow right from the beginning has been nothing short of amazing.

  3. I'm a huge animation nerd,

    I love to animate and I love animation.

    I probably would have never seen this show if it weren't for the fact Lauren Faust was attached. She was a big part of Craig McCracken's life ( so she should be, she is his wife ) and worked on many shows I loved as a kid.

    Even then I stayed away from the show because of hasbro's intense involvement in the series. It was never about being a girs show but instead people on the internet being goofy and over hyping a show that was little more than pretty pictures over an extended add for MLP toys.

    After many weeks of 4chan shoving the show down my throat I finally gave in and gave it the 4 episode test, to my surprise the commercialism was wiped straight off and the creation of a fine tuned writer and animator gleamed brightly over a wonderfully rebooted series and i salivated at the thought of more.

    By the end of season 1 I was so happy with the series I had held off on so much of my catalogue of other cartoons I had to marathon everything else before the next seasons of those came out.

  4. Before I started, I kept seeing little images and all that around and got curious as to why it was all over. So I went over to KnowYourMeme and read the page they had on it. I thought it was interesting but also kinda weird.

    I pretty much left it at that until I found out a guildmate of mine is a brony and he said I really should watch it. I was already kinda curious so I said sure.

    I liked the animation of the first two episodes and I don't like to leave things unfinished so I went for the rest of the season. By episode four I loved it and here I am.

  5. One of my friends who had watched it before suggested I watch it with him. I thought it was sketchy at first but it grew on me really quick. All the funny jokes and the personalities of the ponies, plus the awesome animation. It's just so easy to obsess over. The same friend suggested I look for a local fanbase to hang out with.. as I never really hung out with friends very often before. So I came across RDN and then the bronies here!