Saturday, July 28, 2012


Just letting you know what's going on as of late.

We have the projector and screen in hoof now! Woohoo!

With Everfree just down the road I would like who are attending to have fun! Also if you do bring your cameras along, send us the pictures and I'll toss them up here or on the Flikr.

I've been getting a few really good ideas for events lately. (I love it and feel grateful that ponies are thinking up all these things for me.) I want to do them all at some point, but when, I do not know.
We also have things in the works already. Like our second annual summer BBQ, put together by the lovely Vanilla. In any case, here is a list. Let's try to figure out when we can do these, shall we?

- Summer BBQ
- Science Centre
- Movie night (I'd put my cash down for the new batman myself personally, although Ika wouldn't mind seeing Avengers again.)
- Paintball/Laser tag/Air soft

As I've asked before, please donate bits so we can do more events and things like this more often. The treasury box is starting to look quite barren and I'd like some nice small, but powerful speakers for us, (I've been borrowing other peoples lately. Even though I have my old computer speakers, they just do not have the right amount of oomph) and to throw bits at vanilla for the BBQ and this and that and those.. (etc...)


I seem to have amassed quite the large collection of giveaway swag. Can we think up of a cool contest we can have? I'm sure a few of you guys out there want some pony stickers, coloring books and/or McDonalds toys and the like.

(PhoenixEdit: Holy Celestia, I hardly had to fix up anything! The end of the world is nigh! Darcy is using proper grammar and language etiquette! :V)


  1. Im all for paintball/laser tag/air soft as those are all fun because, what's more fun than shooting people ;). As for the swag, idk, a contest such as a talent show, if people are comfortable doing that, but pretty much no room in sentry box. OR! auction them off to people and put the money in the group treasury.

  2. I'd be up for any of these really, where can we donate to help out the funding? I wouldn't mind pitching in

    1. well your two best options are, you can give me the money at a meetup. or you can use the nifty donate button located on the top right corner of this blag. however. if neither of these work for you, you can contact me and we can figure out what works best for you.