Sunday, July 15, 2012

Game Day at the Meetup

So we just had our very first game day at the meetup. Personally, I think a lot of you had fun! But I want your opinion on it. Do we want another game day? What was about this game day we could make better? Have a request maybe?

On another more important note, the next meetup day has been canceled. (July 28th)
Someone at the Sentry Box is having a one day, private function that day in the meetup.
If you wish we can go and try to plan an event outside that night that doesn't involve the use of the room. But I will need your input on what we could do.

I finally bought a projector and screen! Huzzah!
It took me a while, but I was not aware I couldn't buy one of the items over Paypal. So I had to wait until I talked to Phoenix about the use of his credit card and just owing him later. So soon things will go back to "normal", but I hope you guys can come up with more event ideas in the future.

- Darcyblue
(Edit: You're welcome! ~Phoenix)


  1. i thought the next meetup date was July 28th? or it's on Aug 25 that the people need the room? i like the idea of another game day. Hihoof said he wanted to do bbq sometime.

  2. I'm sure more than a few people partake in the enjoyment of human-powered transport, so why not see if there is interest in a group ride? Easy enough to make it pony themed (decorate your bike, play pony-centric music, have a pot-luck in the park with pony-themed confectioneries, ect), and with how lovely the weather has been lately (the past week notwithstanding), I feel it would be a lovely evening.