Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Annual BBQ RSVP List

So Vanilla requested that I add a list of all the folks who have previously RSVP'd for the annual BBQ. I think she said other things she wanted to do but I deleted my phone messages like the dumb butt I am. Sso here is who we have so far. I'm sure there will be much more though over time.

Also as a side note: Red Deer said he can transport 2 other bodies with him in his car to the BBQ. If you want a ride, please message me. First come first served.


  • Fearless-leader-Darcy
  • Ika
  • DL
  • Puzzlemint
  • Noir
  • Hihoof
  • Phoenix
  • Sam
  • Kerfuffled Brony
  • Ted
  • Hope
  • Red Deer

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