Tuesday, May 1, 2012

After the Expo

Okay, first of all let me say,


I couldn't believe myself when i saw so many people at the Calgary Comic Expo. I also couldn't believe how many bronies showed up!

Mind you our very own Tera Strong was there in person. And let's not forget about John De Lancie!

Well I had a great time. And I saw lots of my friends there from both inside the meet up group and out. I was also able to make a few dollars selling a few buttons and magnets not just for our own meet up, but also for the Alberta Bronycon guys! Here is to a con just for us!

I had a few really cool experiences, like when got to shock Robert Axelrod with my copy of  the 1985 film of Alice in Wonderland where he played the Frog Footman. I'm mostly shocked he never got more attention for his roles in Power Rangers and voice acting in Cowboy Bebop and a giant list of wonderful shows he starred in!

On the pony side, getting to meet Tera was great, but I kinda locked up so I really couldn't do much but let her sign my "too many" things. I wanted to talk about so many things and just fan girl myself all over her. So I just kept it all in and just kept my composure.

I also spent too much money on my steam punk outfit ( close to $600+ dollars) but I looked so swag. I think I'll continue working on it overtime until I run out of places to equip new apparel. Or money... Whichever comes first...

I have so much to talk about but I'll stop boring you with the lame details.

Now from all the herding of the cattle in the endless lineups to the finding the most awesome thing at the vender's hall... what was your best experience there? What about your worst?

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