Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The recovery from Otafest night, also news on what's to come

Hey everypony! Darcy here.

So. Myself and many others worked our collective flanks off to go and make a few bucks for the meet up.
Overall we made around $1300!
After deductions, (buying more buttons, giving all the artists a small share of the profit, etc... it's a big list) we have now around $750 to spend into having a huge pony fun night!

So now we need to go and choose how to spend this cash. So far the suggestions I have heard are:

- Go to the zoo
- Lasertag
- Go Karting
- Mini Golf
- Bowling

So. I will make a vote box on the side for you all to vote on which one you like to do. You have the Friday before the next meet up (The first of the month) before I close the vote box.
I will also add new ideas as they come along to the vote box. Just mention them to me on RDN, on the blag, or over Skype and I'll add them as soon as I can.


We now seem to have a relatively large Skype call going among every pony. If you want to join, do not hesitate to ask to be added into the group.


The store will take some time to put up. I'm working on it though. This is a new thing to me but we will have a official Calgary Bronies online store to sell our stuffs out to the entire world! If anyone has experience on how to set up something like a online store, please message me A.S.A.P.


PS. I will never again have a panel at the end of the night at Otafest and have to work an Artist Ally table. I'm still trying to shake off the caffeine out of my system that kept me alive for all that time.

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