Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hey everypony! A few minor things to note.

First of all PonyJames would like to tell everyone of his 24/7 pony music stream. I personally like it quite a bit more then Celestia Radio. Have a link!


Some guys down at the UofC are having a Grand Galloping Gala! Here is the info they gave out. This event has nothing to do with us however it doesn't mean that we can't join either!

University of Calgary
Mac Hall
That Empty Space
April 14th 2012
5:00 Pm to 9:30 Pm
$10 admission

Sponsored by:
Bronies United
UofC Anime Club

Also here is a link to the poster they posted up everywhere.Link


I was just talking to Vanilla Belle a few moments ago and she asked me if we could make our own Grand Galloping Gala. I like this idea! I also wanted to have a Winter Wrap Up. But how do we go ahead and make them come alive? I value your opinions on the subject


(PhoenixSwift edit: YEAH!)

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  1. i only have one thing to say ......suite the fuck up bitches let crash this partay