Monday, August 8, 2011

bowness park BBQ

Dear Princess Celestia.
i went and copy and pasted something important that everyone should see.

!calgarybronies @darcyblue Ok called this morning and got it all settled, it will be September the 9th and arrival time I'd say aim for 6pm. It will be in bowness park at site 6. Here is a map of the different sites Also I was told that if site 5 (which is bigger and comes with a shelter) isn't booked we can take it. I wanted to book a site with a shelter, but they cost over 300$ so that wasn't happening haha. If you can't come until later that's fine! If anyone could make it there around 5:30 to help me out that would be cool too! Maybe we could try to set up an informal guest list later, so I know how much food to bring. Its just over a month away so I hope that might give some of you leeway to juggle your schedules so you can make it. Also sorry I didn't realize its so far for most of you! Hope you'll still come!

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