Sunday, August 7, 2011

we made the Nightly Roundup #60 !

hey everypony! so i chatted with Seth the other night and asked him to mention us on Equestria Daily. and you know what? we made it inside the nightly roundup! even if it was only just a minor mention! its still something! so lets show all the other bronies on all the other meet ups we are the best of the best!
hang your heads high everypony!

this will be the 3rd time ive been mentioned on equestria daily. the other 2 times where about my involvement on Secondlife.

personally im psyched!

i hope we get more members from around town interested in joining up now in our little group!


PS. sense i am still working on the blog. id like more input as to what i can put together here. personally i dont like the Calgary Bronies sign much. i spent too little time on it and i can see its pixels.
also later once i rework it. IL be putting up Phoenix Swift's photoshopped sign somewhere.
if anyone has any pictures or ANYTHING to add to the blog. please let me know!
remember i read every single one of your posts on the RDN.


  1. Aha! I figured out hos to comment! If you want, just leave any Photoshop goodness to me. I can probably fix up that text too. All I need is the base file.

  2. Hi Darcy! I like the new font, its very friend is magical-esque!

  3. it shure does say "Dear Princess Celestia," all over it