Saturday, August 13, 2011

2nd ever calgary bronies meetup

hey every pony!

so we just had our second meet up today. and boy was it fun! we had a few new faces including one person who drove all the way here from red deer! there was around 8 of us this time, so a smaller crowd but no less fun. we also where able to get ourselves a projector screen perfect for our needs. check out our flickr sometime within the week sense i will be updating it. we also may have a few youtubes of us singing a few of the songs in the show. they will get uploaded eventually...

on another note i will be trying to paint some personal blind bag pony's. with conjure buying them left and right over eBay. i can only say i might as well have a go at painting some personal pony's also.

PS. il be throwing one or 2 intresting pictures to Seth from EQD to get our name out there again

thanks for being such great fans. Hope to see you all again next meetup.

1 comment:

  1. If you throw my picture to Seth I will hafta end you.

    Zoot zoot.