Saturday, July 11, 2015

a bad and frustrateing day ( no meetup this weekend)

ok so i just had to go and deal with a bunch of things from my upstairs neighbors that i never should have needed to deal with. and still am.

i woke up from a 4 hour power nap to hear ika tell me that the ceiling is leaking (yet again) this time water is falling onto the ceiling fan. and it dripped all over a $70 book. so we went upstairs and found out there front door was wide open. no one home aside from the dogs. found out where the leak was and *fixed* it the best i could. since they cant bother to look at there respective phones to see im calling them to save there life.

i turn around to find out that one of the dogs ran outside and ika cant seem to find her.
we i just spent a madding amount of time hunting for a dog that has bit me twice, that i don't even like to get her inside.

so im sorry that i have to cancel the meetup on such short notice but we need to deal with damage control to the ceiling and the rest of the house.

next meetup is july 23. see you then.


  1. Excuse me. I just moved into the city from Winnipeg, and I'd love to be able to come to the next meetup, so that I could meet some folks. Where will it be, and what precise time will it start?

    1. all the info can be found here. next meetup happens july 25th.