Wednesday, April 29, 2015

so much poni, so little meetup :(

hey everypony!

as some of you may or not may know last week on Friday, my workplace had to deal with a sizeable fire.
 beacuse of such, i have been "volentold" to go in and work this Saturday to catch up on  lost time. I'm by no means pleased with this. but nothing i can do about that really.
with that being said, ika also works that night. so the pony meet up is canceled (may 2nd.)
you can still go mind you.( i cant really stop you from hanging about sentry box) but we will not be playing any of the new episodes for you.

may 15-17 is Otafest! and as i have mentioned many times now, we will be there! i will be apart of the pokemon league as a gym leader this year so all of my time will be more or less dedicated to that room.
so there is no meet up that week either.
but you should totally show up! come battle me if you dare!

so the next meet up is MAY 30.
oh well.

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  1. Won't be able to make it, a friend is having a party