Saturday, November 2, 2013

a post about things (maybe)

hi fillys and colts.

tomorrow is filly's night. so i hope you girls are ready to party it up. just reminding you just in case you forgot what day it  is.

so our Halloween party night was a bust at my meet up. i had a huge bag of swag to give away. i showed the folks who went to mine what they could have gotten guess it sits in my house until the next contest.

as i mentioned at the meet up. id like to have a hot pot and a giant Nerf gun war and a Pokemon contest event.  but IL need your guys help for these.

i need to know of a place to go and do the Nerf gun war. some large gym or hall. if i can get folk to help find one and get funds for it, that be great.

the hot pot will probley be our next event. i know this one person at the meet up has been hounding me about that for a while now so il figure out a time that works best for most of us for that.

as for the Pokemon contest event (everyone and there dog seem to have X&Y nowadays), IL try to make it so everyone has a chance to at least completing the elite 4 before i make this a thing. so everyone is at least on some kind of even ground. IL figure out some rules and a date that we will make this a thing.

also what the hell was with downtown tonight! so many roads closed for construction or something. its like Saturday and snowing guys. go home construction guys, your drunk or something.

a friend of mine made this kickstarter for her artwork. you should check it out even if its not pony related.

i also wanted to say sorry to Hanna at the university meet for not  being able to show up. i have that set of speakers i wanted to give you and even combine my costume contest with yours and put all my swag in your pile and make it just that more awesome. we really need to plan a thing together.

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