Saturday, June 1, 2013

MLP: Equestira Girls Movie Date

OK. So after asking you all at the meetup if you were interested in going to the MLP: Equestria Girls movie, almost everyone said yes, so that means we will be going on a field trip to the theater to watch it. My treat!
However due to limited funding, we can only take so many people. How many is unknown at this time, so it will be a first come, first served. To reserve your slot, just email us or leave a comment here and we will update accordingly. Below will be the list of people who will be attending as well as showtimes and the date.
We also need to know which time the group would prefer to go on. So when we say "yes, I'd like to go watch this movie about teenage girls in high school." please also leave us your time preference.

Cineplex Odeon Crowfoot Crossing Cenema
91 Crowfoot Terrace N.W.
Calgary AB. T3G-2L5
(403) 547-3329

Sunday, June 16

People attending:
1. Darcy
2. Ika.
3. Dane
4. Hope
5. Phoenix
6. Ranma.
7. Pony James
8. Noir
9.  John Fordeliza
11. Gospel


  1. Replies
    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Can you add me to go watch this movie about teenage girls in high school.(Noir) 12:30

    3. I am interested in going, can I go tho? Are there any more spots to be able to join?

    4. il add you to the list. sorry been busy. needed a moment to catch up on other things also.

    5. So what time is it? Is it 12:30 or 2:10?

    6. since nobody is requesting a time, im saying 2:10. so i can sleep in.

    7. All right. Since we still haven't seen each other, I have a Mohawk. (not that tall type mohawk, and I still have some hair on the side.) And a doctor whooves shirt. Just try to imagine that.

    8. I am sorry about this being late but my aunt has died in California and we are flying there in sunday, I will not be able to attend on sunday. Again I am sorry.

    9. oh. i feel very sorry for your loss. my condolences.

    10. I already bought tickets for the Empire Theatre showing :(

      Oh well, if it is good I might rush over to the Cineplex to watch it again.

  2. I'm probably going, but I'm going with my other friends, to the other theatre, so... won't see you guys there...