Sunday, May 26, 2013

Geekmoot 3.0

Hi guys, we have some exciting news for you all.

First off, there's a new-ish convention on the north end of town called Geekmoot. This is their third year and they pander to videogamers, tabletoppers and card throwers alike. So you can get in your  Mario Kart and Magic the Gathering fix on the same day. It takes place on July 27th at 2pm-midnight at Sunnyside Hillhurst Community Association. The website is here if you need more info.

I bring this up because not only does it sound like a neat place for the majority of us, but we've also been accepted for an artist alley table there. So ultra yay! We're hoping to have some new wares from different fandoms by the time it rolls around, such as League of Legends, Pokemon, Portal, BioShock and some other things I can't remember right at the moment.

Second, it's getting to be that time of year where we would like to take you all out to some fun thing outdoors. It's been suggested that we go bowling or laser tag or even the zoo again. But if the majority of you are alright with the idea, I'd like to take you to the MLP movie. Yes, you know the one I mean. And if you don't, the trailer is over here. We would be paying for anyone that wants to go and see its admission.. so even if you're iffy on the subject, at least it'll be free, right?
I'll be asking next meetup what everyone thinks and what they ultimately want to do, though.

I think that's it for now.. so we'll see you all on saturday!

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