Monday, September 22, 2014

Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Movie Date

Hello everyone!
I hope everyone that went to the barbecue had a fun time and ate their fill of hotdogs. It's too bad we didn't really get the burgers going.. but oh well. We also had a short discussion about the new movie that's coming out this Saturday.

I feel it's a safe assumption that we will be at the Crowfoot Crossing Cineplex as that is where we went for the first movie. Their only showtime for Saturday, September 27th is at 11:15am. So be there or be.. asleep.. because weekends are meant for sleeping in.

We've also blown all the treasury money on the new projector and the barbecue, so if we can channel some Rarity generosity and help others go to the movie too, that would be awfully fantastic of us.

Now, last time we went, we made an assumption the theater was only for us. Please keep in mind there are others going to the movie and they want to be able to hear every piece of dialog just as badly as we do.


  1. Hi guys im new here and i want to know how often this events happen.

    1. well the next meetup starts tomorrow actually. November 15. we oftentimes have a projector and watch PMV's, Episodes, etc. BUT the computer broke. so we are mostly going to play nintendo 3ds games and board games. if you want to know more, just email one of us. the info is on the right ------->
      also you can check out the general info page.

    2. Something else you could do is make the meetup calendar that you have a link to on the left