Wednesday, November 9, 2011

X-mas is around the corner

OK so with Christmas around the corner. we need to address some things.

first i was told from one of the members they wish to do a secret Santa. personally this is a lovely idea. and to do it i can only think of getting every ones names as to who wants to do this. and maybe some kind off pony wish list or picture of your collection or something so you don't get them something they all ready got.

the other thing that came to mind is about one of my personal fave pass times. shopping! however we are not shopping for just anything. we are doing a pony hunt.
now. we have done pony hunts before. its a common thing for a few people in the group to go explore the city and pick up a few pony paraphernalia for there personal collections.

but how can we make a mundane thing like a pony hunt and turn the dial to 11?

well why not go to West Edmonton Mall. quoted to being the largest mall on the planet. that was until china decided it would be cool to take that title away.
but still... lets go and have a a grand pony hunt. and why not try to make it so we do it on one of the best sale times of the year? boxing day. now this may sound insane... in fact it is insane. going to West Ed on boxing day? the prices will be awesome. but the crowds will be killer.

so i guess its up to you if you feel up to this. personally i think its a great and horrid idea at the same time.

PS. we need to do some carpooling for this to work so if anyone is up for it... also we will find a way to compensate for gas or something.

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  1. While secret Santas are fun a Chinese gift exchange may work better. That way if someone fails to show their giftee isn't left out.