Monday, November 7, 2011

so very savage.

hey everypony! Darcy here.

well I'm liking how things are going with the meetup. we are so damn close to getting our first button press for otafest and the comic convention in Calgary i can almost taste it. so i will toss my fair share into the pot and get one soonish.
so keep bringing in the artwork. love to get some things to sell there.

lately ive been working on learning the rules to Savage Worlds after Phoenix Swift found a pony modal for it. i figured i would DM the game. and after allot of reading and organising i have placed a date as to when we will be playing.

Sunday, November 27th. my house. 6-6:30ish. and we finish whenever.
i will require people to bring...
dice, a notebook, pencils, erasers
a snack item (bag 0 chips or a 2L of soda and the like) for communal snacking. i will have some things for everypony who decides to play. however i am not here to feed you. there is a Safeway a short walk down the road in case somepony gets peckish. however a 7\11 run will be a bit of a jaunt.
i can give some players dice, pencils and erasers. but not egnough for everyone. i am also religious towards people touching my dice. so i would wish it if you had your own.
you can obtain Dice at Sentry box near the main till downstairs. you will need a standard set.

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